Thursday 15 November, 12.30pm, Room 788

Francesca Carpos: The London orchestra as prestige economy, (Supervisor: Lucy Green, CCM)

Zimeng Pang: Language ideologies, culture, and identity as seen in the English language classes between English-native-speaker staff and Chinese University students, (Supervisor: John O’Regan, CCM)


Tuesday 27 November, 5.30pm, Room 788

Michael Klingenberg: Patient centredness in medical education as discourse (Supervisor: Caroline Pelletier, CFH)

Steve Willoughby: Leadership theory within school diversities and equalities policy (Supervisor: Charlie Owen, CFH)


Wednesday 5 December, 5.30pm, Room 646

Cary Bazalgette: Some secret language: toddlers’ understanding of moving-image media (Supervisor: John Potter, CCM)

Alison Leonard: Analysis of Interview transcripts: a thematic approach to school linking  (Supervisor: Doug Bourn, CPA)