Archives for the month of: October, 2012

Thursday 15 November, 12.30pm, Room 788

Francesca Carpos: The London orchestra as prestige economy, (Supervisor: Lucy Green, CCM)

Zimeng Pang: Language ideologies, culture, and identity as seen in the English language classes between English-native-speaker staff and Chinese University students, (Supervisor: John O’Regan, CCM)


Tuesday 27 November, 5.30pm, Room 788

Michael Klingenberg: Patient centredness in medical education as discourse (Supervisor: Caroline Pelletier, CFH)

Steve Willoughby: Leadership theory within school diversities and equalities policy (Supervisor: Charlie Owen, CFH)


Wednesday 5 December, 5.30pm, Room 646

Cary Bazalgette: Some secret language: toddlers’ understanding of moving-image media (Supervisor: John Potter, CCM)

Alison Leonard: Analysis of Interview transcripts: a thematic approach to school linking  (Supervisor: Doug Bourn, CPA)


We would like to inform you of a new blogsite for doctoral students and those who work with them: supervisors, academic developers, literacy lecturers, writing teachers and others in the doctoral education community. DoctoralwritingSIG began at the QPR (Quality in Postgraduate Research) Conference in Adelaide in April this year, when Claire Aitchison (University of Western Sydney), Cally Guerin (University of Adelaide), Susan Carter (Auckland University) and  Inger Mewburn (RMIT) got together to discuss ways of building community around doctoral writing.

In September we launched the blog  DoctoralwritingSIG. The link is

You don’t have to be a member of QPR or be involved in any way with QPR to use the site – simply visit us, browse and enjoy. Some posts to date include discussions on self plagiarism, a memorial to the late Prof Alison Lee, ‘writing up’ – an everyday job, using voice recognition software, academic literacy versus English language competence, professional editing of theses, and so on. We’d love it if you would recommend the site to others and even better if you were motivated to join in on the conversations, share resources, tips and experiences.

For those new to blogging – to read the blog, once on the site, look around at all the links and parts. Click on the blog heading itself and then you can see and/or add comments in the box below or open the ‘Comments’ button at the top of the blog (to read what has been said by others). If you write something it goes to the moderators first – to eliminate spam – and then one of us OKs it, and it becomes public. If you don’t want to identify yourself, use a pseudonym.   Enjoy.