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The Faculty of Children & Learning is making a small number of bursaries available for PhD and EdD students who are presenting papers at academic conferences during 2012.

Bursaries of up to £300 per student will be allocated on a competitive basis – with applications reviewed by a committee of the Faculty Director of PGR, the Faculty’s Learning, Teaching and Quality Manager and the four departmental PGR tutors.Bursaries will be allocated based on the quality of the case made in by each applicant.

There will be two rounds of funding in 2012. The deadline for the first round of funding is 5pm, Wednesday 29 February 2012.

For further details (i.e. guidelines, criteria for applications and application form) please email


Justification for your investigation! Developing a robust research topic and research questions

This lunchtime session is designed to help all doctoral students think about two fundamental aspects of their thesis – the research topic and the research questions.

You may think that your research area is interesting or even important, but why? How can you justify the ‘SO WHAT?’ question that is asked of every doctoral thesis? More importantly how can you come up with a set of robust and researchable questions?

This session will explore all these issues – starting with three new doctoral researchers from the Faculty presenting brief three minute ‘pitches’ on their research topic and research questions:

  • Joe Winter (CFH)
  • Zoe Charalambous  (CCM)
  • John McCormack (CPA)

Other students are also encouraged to come along with their own research topics and research questions for discussion. This will lead to useful feedback, advice and food-for-thought for anyone involved in doctoral research. The session should be especially useful for students due to defend their work at the upgrade or final viva examination.

Date: Wed 25th Jan

Time: 12:30 to 13:30

Location: Room 731

All doctoral students and staff welcome

For more information please contact: Hazel Croft