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In the early summer we will be running a series of 4 writing workshops where a select group of doctoral students will get mentoring and advice to help them plan, write and submit a journal article arising from their doctoral research. The aim is for everyone to have written-up and submitted a brand new paper by the end of the sessions, under the guidance of an experienced academic author.

Given the amount of work that will be involved, spaces are going to be limited to a group of six students (possibly less) from across the Faculty.

If you want to be considered for these sessions then please email your name to by the end of Jan 2012. We will then contact students at the beginning of April 2012 asking for the sample chapters that theyu want to work with. The authors of chapters that are judged to be most written-up will then be invited to take part in the sessions.

If you are thinking of putting yourself forward then bear in mind that ….

*  it involves committing to attending 4 x two-hour meetings (two in May, two in June). We will schedule these to fit people’s time availability, but they will have to be held in the daytime sometime between 0930 and 1700;

*  the sessions will centre on ‘re-using’ some already written chapters from your thesis (ideally, these should be results/data chapters). The most important thing is that they should already be written up for the thesis in a decent first draft form. The idea of the workshops is to help you turn these rough chapters into journal articles (not write the material from scratch).


For the Spring term we will be running two lunchtime sessions that will cover two of the crucial elements of doing a PhD or EdD study. These are intended to be lively sessions to support everyone’s doctoral studies.

  • Wednesday 25th Jan (1230-1330)-  Justification for your investigation!  Developing a robust research topic and set of research questions
  • Thursday 16th Feb (1230-1330) – Moving from MPhil to PhD – what to expect from the upgrade examination

Mark your diaries – full details to follow in the new year!