Throughout the year, the Faculty of Children and Learning runs a series of sessions where doctoral students can present empirical, theoretical and/or methodological issues that are arising from their work. For the Autumn term we are running ‘work-no-longer-in-progress’ seminars where recently completed doctoral researchers from the Faculty will present their work, as well as reflecting on the PhD experience. This is a great opportunity to learn from those who have been through the doctoral process …   ALL WELCOME!

Title:  Working with qualitative data:   experiences from a study of technology and teachers’ mathematical knowledge

Presenter: Alison Clark-Wilson

Date: Wed 7th Dec

Time: 1230-1400

Location: Room 777  [main IOE building]

Outline of talk:   This longitudinal PhD study yielded a vast amount of mostly qualitative data on mathematics teachers’ classroom practices with technology. A major aspect of surviving and finally completing the research concerned the development of a highly organised data organisation structure that smoothly facilitated the subsequent data analysis. In this session I will share some useful strategies that I developed in the course of my doctoral studies that contributed to a successfully completed thesis!