Throughout the year, we are running a series of ‘work-in-progress’ seminars where doctoral students can present empirical, theoretical and/or methodological issues that are arising from their work. These seminars are attended by members of academic staff and by other doctoral students, and are designed to allow early-researchers a supportive venue to present and discuss their work.

For the Autumn term we will be running three ‘work-no-longer-in-progress’ seminars where recently completed doctoral researchers from the Faculty will present their work, as well as reflecting on the PhD experience. This is a great opportunity to learn from those who have been through the doctoral process …

The first seminar of the term will be held on WEDNESDAY 2nd NOVEMBER – between 1730 and 1900 in Room 826 (in the main IOE Bedford Way building).

The presenter is Taghreed Alsaraj presenting on her thesis – ‘What is foreign language anxiety?’